Icon Hotel

15 Stuart Street, Luton, Bedfordshire LU1 2SA
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Luton is a town highly regarded for rich history, cultural diversity, dynamic innovation and the gateway to not just London but the rest of Europe.

“Luton is like little London”

With the town formulating a mix of old industrial buildings and new modern developments, the Luton skyline presents an array of characteristics and views. At the peak of Stuart Street stand two imposing towers which hold much of Luton’s history. Having been left derelict due to Luton’s regeneration plans, it only seemed right to turn them into town’s most epochal hotel.

The buildings were purchased by Franco & Lefi Anacreonte in August 2008, with the plan of renovating the 1976 buildings into a luxury boutique hotel. The design mission was to create a four star hotel at three star prices. However, the challenge was to refurbish the two derelict buildings – Allianz Insurance and the Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce – into one and to add fashionable boutique aesthetics. This coincided with the start of the worst recession in many decades. Despite calls to delay the project due to the global financial uncertainty, Franco and Lefi continued their valiant plans to change the Luton hotel market with this inspiring project.

It was clear the aspirations of the project, the nature of the buildings and the long term prospects of the hotel carried a lot of significance. The name needed to reflect this. Originally the name selected was the Landmark Hotel and this continued throughout the design and building process. However, during the final stages, the name needed to be more chic and the Icon Hotel was carefully selected from a list of five names. The Icon symbolised the buildings, the internal theme and the end service level it would provide for years to come. It was certainly an Iconic choice.


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